My name Rizky Kurniawan Ritonga A student who has a face that contrast in one of the schools that are not too known to exist. Actually I can not be called as a professional in this field, because I do not master this field through formal education. I'm just an enthusiast. Compared as a designer or developer, I prefer being called as a hobbyist who is interested in the web world.

Judging from the articles in this blog, you already can guess about what field I'm good at. Given that I have not mastered this field through formal education, perhaps I will have a working method that is a little strange, different but simpler. I just use Notepad + + applications to make all of this. If you want to discuss, normally I would use jsFiddle for applications such as test case.

The Author

Rizky Kurniawan Ritonga
16 years
August 15, 1997
I'm Just An Ordinary Man Knowing Which Web Design And Computer World
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